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you my friend....

are the biggest retard I have ever even heard about. I make movies at least 5 times better than this which get blammed. People...watch the WHOLE animation before voting!

This movie sucked the perspiration off an obese man's triple chin.


nothing extremely special...but how is this rated good for ALL audiences??! Theres is blood everywhere!


You rock man! This is one of the greatest animations I've seen here on newgrounds! Oh ya, I found the little message..

"Macromedia Flash, it consumes my life and that is probably why I'll never have a wife!!"

Heh, tricky one you are!

Overall, you rock at animating, and there is nothing that I think you should improve on!

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You, in my opinion, are one of the best animators ever to visit newgrounds. With only two animations / games under your belt, people may be skeptical of your skill, But its quality not quantity that counts. I think this game was totally AWSOME, veryy addicting, but I found only one problem. The exit button doesnt work on the car page. The choice of hair, face accesories, shirts, pants, shoes, gloves, overwear, customisable balloon colors, and the wide variety of weapons extremely demonstrates your skill at making games. Nice job, you are a legend man!


Needs ALOT of work. Maybe give it better graphics, like an animated curser that changes color, or spins, instead of a green dot (the game is called "mouse maze" after all. By the way, it was WAY to easy. All you have to do is click on the green dot and drag it on top of the black dot. Oh well, this game has tons of potential.

1. Make Better Graphics
2. Make Harder Levels
3. Fix Green Dot Press Bug

Do this and your all set.


this game rocks! So addictive! By the way, I got 2204 :)

Patchco responds:

Thanks! and nice score!

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oh god no

no, you cant sing, thats the thing that ruined it. Your guitar was OK, but man, that used to be one of my favorite songs, you just put me off it for a while. :(


This is Awsome! Right now, one of my songs is in 3rd place (syntho), and yes I'd really want it in first. But hey! You Totally deserve it! This better get bumped up to first sometime soon!

P.S What do you use to make all these songs? It would be great if you could tell me. It must be one hell of a unique program!

Meh, Not sure what to say...hey, but I did draw my profile image (that Yoshi) on flash!

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